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eye'm sorry eye'm ugly, i'm all that i am and i can never live up. eye'm failing, eye'm angry, afraid of the ways they pretend to be us. its fuct up, eye'm different, words remain my only escape. unsafe, boring, evolving. and now you're walking away. eye'm not afraid, now you're walking away. eye'm not upset, now you're walking away. ill eat you without salt my mistake was trusting you
blood pigs were creating my fate. with poetry and suffering
i cannibalized every ounce of my pain. eye'm still afraid everyday, these greedy worms, they devour my fate. eye'm not your slave, eye've cut the wing, you see me run & now you're walking away. eye'm not upset and now you're walking away. eye'm not afraid and now you're walking away. you can't hurt me anymore, you can't hurt me anymore. fed from the wound from which we were bled, vomiting filth in our soft cave heads, chewing on tissue, tendon and fat. destroying the things they do not understand.


traitor betrayal parasite traitor ....
and still u feed them.


eye'm sorry eye'm ugly. dangerous, can't describe it enough. eye'm failing, eye'm angry. i use my fist to empower my name. eye'm fuct up, eye'm different. words remain my only escape. unsafe, boring, evolving. and now you're walking away. eye'm not ashamed now you're walking away. eye'm not afraid and now you're walking away. eye'm still afraid everyday. u still suck on my plagues. eye'm not here for your sake. so why you walking away eh blood pig, why you walking away?


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